Euro Shoot

Euro Hunts / Tower Shoots - 2023 Season

European Hunts are all day hunts with a tower shoot in the morning followed up with a traditional field hunt after lunch.

Registration begins at 9:30am - continental breakfast is served.

The morning hunt starts at 10:30am with birds released from a tower.  There are 10 shooting stations circling the tower. Whatever the number of birds per shooter is, that number is released and then everyone rotates to the next shooting station.  For example; if you're doing 10 birds per shooter, once 10 birds are released then everyone rotates to the next station then another 10 birds are released and everyone rotates again and this continues until all the birds are released and everyone has shot at every station.  It's more challenging than people think and it's great fun with lots of shooting. After the tower hunt is completed everyone comes back to our clubhouse for lunch and refreshments before heading out for the traditional walk-up hunt with dogs for all the birds that got away.

Throughout the season we offer "Open Euros" which are exactly the same as a European Hunt except we're the one's putting on the shoot, so you don't need to round up a bunch of people.  Just come out by yourself or with some friends to participate with other like minded people and have a great day of fun while making new friends!  If you're interested in participating in an "Open Euro" please contact us to find out the dates and availability.

The minimum number of birds that must be released for a European Hunt is 100 pheasants.

The following is the cash price for European Hunts add $1 per bird if paying with credit:

8 pheasants per shooter = $250 (minimum 12 shooters)
10 pheasants per shooter = $295 (minimum 10 shooters)

Note: The above pricing does NOT include an 18% Gratuity which will be added to the final bill

If you have less than 10 shooters or would like to do more than 10 birds per gun please call or email.

The above pricing includes:

Lunch is grilled pub burgers with a side and soup/stew/chili as an appetizer followed by dessert.  If you want something else such as steaks or a specific catered meal please call or email for pricing.  Also, if you're just interested in hunting pheasants and are not interested in having a meal call or email for pricing.

The retrieving dogs for the morning hunt and pointing dogs with guides for the field hunt in the afternoon are included in the above price.  Birding cleaning is also included - birds will be divided equally among all participants.  If you have your own dogs call or email for discounted pricing.

The only thing you'll need is your gun and ammo and we require Non-Toxic Shot (NO LEAD) (We recommend 2-4 boxes of #4 Steel Shot 1550 fps).

Hunting licenses are NOT required.