The Pheasant Farm "Open League" Season 5 - 2022 - 2023

2021 - 2022 Champions: Land Sharks - Captain Kevin Krum, Roger Krum, Brad Robinson, Mark Esterline and Dog - Todd.

Teams can have no more than 4 people of which 1 person must be a Member of The Pheasant Farm and who will be the designated captain of your team and no more than 2 dogs per team in the field at any time.  You may have alternate shooters and dogs, however; alternates will not be listed on the trophy or the wall of fame of the winning team.

Over the course of the League's Season which starts October 1 and ends March 1 each team will hunt 80 pheasants (40 Roosters & 40 Hens) divided into 4 - 20 bird hunts. These hunts can be done at anytime over the 5 month league hunting season; so you can hunt 4 times in a month or spread the 4 hunts out over the entire season.  Your team must release exactly 20 birds in each of the 4 field hunts. NO Tower Shoots.

The team that accumulates the most points over the 4 hunts will win a CASH PRIZE and have their names placed on the Wall of Champions in the clubhouse and on the Traveling Trophy which the winning team gets to keep from April 1st to September 30th after which the trophy returns to the Pheasant Farm's clubhouse for display.

The point system for each field hunt is as follows..

1 Point for each Hen harvested.
2 Points for each Rooster harvested.
Bonus Points 2X the points for each bird harvested in excess of the number released; i.e. scratch birds, but Bonus Points won't kick-in until the 21st bird harvested.

For example if your team harvested 12 Hens and 11 Roosters your point total would be 38 Total Points broken down as follows 10 points for hens + 20 points for roosters + 8 bonus points calculated as follows; 2 extra hens at 2 points each + 1 extra rooster at 4 points = 8 bonus points.  Now if you get 12 hens and only 8 roosters then no bonus points will be awarded and your total point tally would be 28; 12 points for hens + 16 points for roosters.

#1. Tie Breaker - Most Roosters; includes Bonus Roosters.
#2. Tie Breaker - Most Bars on the longest rooster tail feather from the 4 hunts.
#3. Tie Breaker - High Card cut from a deck of cards.

Teams will be limited to 4 guns and 2 dogs in the field at anytime; though you can have fewer guns and dogs and you may have alternate shooters and dogs.

If you have a dog handler who is not going to carry a gun; the dog handler still counts as a team member. Only team members can be in the field. Jeff Coffee may do a spot check while your team is hunting to make sure all teams abide the rules.

Hunts are strictly limited to 3 hours timed from check-in to check-out at the clubhouse. Jeff Coffee will verify the bird count and award points accordingly and count the bars on the longest tail feather.

Late check-out is a penalty of 1 rooster for every 15 minutes your team is late in checking out.

You can hunt any field; morning or afternoon.  Hunts maybe scheduled anytime though it is advisable to schedule your preferred hunt dates in advance. Hunts can be rescheduled subject to availability.

Entry fee determined by teams with a 100% payout to the winning team plus all team member's names will be placed on the Wall of Champions in the Pheasant Farm's Clubhouse and on a Traveling Trophy that the winning team keeps from April 1st to September 30th! 

The cost of birds for teams in the league will only be $23 per pheasant. This price is strictly limited to league action and does not pertain to non-league hunts.

This is an Open League, so there are no shotgun restrictions or shell restrictions other than NO lead and no shells larger than 3 Inch #4.  Put a tube extension on your semi-auto and bring out 20 boxes of shells!  But, Jeff Coffee still needs to verify that what you killed was indeed a pheasant, so don't get carried away besides you still want to eat the birds and blown off tail feathers could cost your team the championship!

If you have any additional questions or want to sign up just send me an email or give me a call at 616-785-2707.